Mediterranean diet: lose weight with a healthy diet

In 2010, the Mediterranean diet has been defined as intangible heritage of UNESCO and consecrated as a reference model to keep away the most insidious diseases for human health. But how can you apply this model to lose weight following a healthy diet? Read on and you will find some advice on the raw materials to choose from so that you can start your diet in the best way and obtaining concrete results.

Mediterranean diet: what to eat

At the base of the Mediterranean diet, we find pasta, bread, oil, fruit, and vegetables. Do you notice something strange? Perhaps some of you are thinking that losing weight on a carbohydrate diet is impossible, but that is precisely the crux. In order not to lower the metabolism and therefore the thyroid function it is important not to eliminate either in part or the whole of the Carbohydrates, but to choose to replace them with qualitative Carbohydrates.

So how do you explain that more and more people discover gluten intolerant or developmental disorders like celiac disease? The problem with most of the wheat derivatives on the market is that they are produced using grains that have been genetically modified. Through artificial manipulations, however, production has not only multiplied, and the price of finished products has been lowered; all the nutritious principles that made pasta and its derivatives a powerful ally of our health have been lost. All this was based on the benefits documented by the populations of the Mediterranean in the 50s.

Good carbohydrates that promote weight loss

Try to imagine yourself on your first day of the diet. Not a good feeling, right? And if we told you to start with a nice plate of low glycemic index pasta, what would you feel?

The strength of Equilibrium Food pasta, produced with first quality pure and genetically pure grains, allows us to ensure a low glycemic index while consuming a food based on wheat. If then it is inserted in a balanced diet, it demonstrates a result in favoring the slimming of + 200% compared to the same diet with conventional carbohydrates.

In addition to certified raw materials, we add Curcuma, an Indian spice that does not alter the taste of pasta in any way but is able to maintain blood sugar and low insulin. The active ingredient of Curcuma, called Curcumin, is in fact particularly suitable for:

  • Fighting the inflammatory state induced by hyperglycemia;
  • Modulate cystic fibrosis defects;
  • Promote lowering cholesterol levels;
  • Combat the onset of diabetes with diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis (Anticancer Res. 2015 Feb; 35 (2): 645-51. Review.);
  • Block human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

In Asia, it has been used for over 2500 years as a natural medicine and all its benefits have been confirmed by a research that has analyzed scientific studies published on the PubMed platform between 1998-2013.

If you want to deepen the subject and read the review, here is the link: http://endometabol.com/en/articles/17680.html. If instead, you want to deepen the issue of the glycemic index we recommend this article.

If you have arrived at the end of this article, most likely, come back to that ever-larger segment of the population that cares about their health, informs and is not satisfied with conventional products. We know that there may be some skeptic among you but at this point, we just have to challenge you. Do you want to lose weight following the basics of the old Mediterranean diet without giving up the pleasure of a good meal? Go back to eating carbohydrates but choose the quality ones and remember: to obtain concrete results, just choose carefully the raw materials and products that are functional to your body.