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Have you ever thought of including in your offer foods that are functional to the well-being and health of the body?

Becoming a reseller of Equilibrium Intelligent Food products is very simple. Simply send a request using the form on this page.

We evaluate requests for activities, both physical and online, that fall into these categories:

  • Herbalist shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Parapharmacies
  • Organic and natural food shops
  • Beauty centres
  • Wellness centres
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Nutritionists / Dietitians / Personal trainers

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With the first order, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on the purchase of the Starter Kit or on orders over 350 €.

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Don’t settle for organic, demand higher quality standards: become an Equilibrium Intelligent Food retailer.

Cosa distingue la pasta Equilibrium dai prodotti biologici convenzionali

Why are Equilibrium Intelligent Foods functional to the health of the body?

Raw Materials & Formulations

Equilibrium Food is born from the need for functional foods, for a truly healthy and balanced diet. The raw materials are selected for their compatibility with the human organism and their particular nutritional properties. No food uses ingredients that have undergone artificially induced genetic manipulation (no GMO, no irradiation). The high presence of bioactive substances, such as turmeric and polyphenols, promotes the proper functioning of the body and reduces the risk of contracting food-related diseases.

Production Processes & Safety

We adopt the rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture, verifying that no herbicides harmful to your health are used. Throughout the supply chain, from production to storage, processes are followed that respect raw materials to preserve their active ingredients and nutritional characteristics. In order to guarantee total transparency for the consumer, we carry out checks on the DNA of the wheat used. The analyses and certifications of the supply chain are carried out by independent laboratories and can be consulted by anyone who wishes to do so. You can visit the site of Bio. Inspecta to check for yourself our certificate by searching among the processing companies at this link: http://bit. ly/2IF68M4 724 / 2048 Service provided by

Healthy & Tasty

Who said healthy foods can’t be tasty too? A balanced diet is the first step in taking care of yourself, but the palate also wants its share. That’s why, during our research, we have selected only the ingredients with the best taste and nutritional qualities. This is also why we define our products as 100% BIO+. Because in addition to being good and genuine, they bring real benefits to your health. With Equilibrium Food foods, with high digestibility, low glycemic index, rich in nutrients and active ingredients useful to the body, you can finally follow a healthy and balanced diet without sacrificing the pleasure of good food.

Eat healthy without sacrificing the pleasure of good food

The Equilibrium Intelligent Food line of functional foods is the only one that ensures a safe and nutritionally sound diet. A careful selection of the best ingredients and strict control over the production chain, allow us to preserve the nutritional qualities and authentic flavor of the raw materials. Equilibrium Intelligent Food’s low glycemic index foods are unique in their kind because not only do they not excessively increase blood sugar levels, but they also have the ability to stabilize them in more physiological terms, while maintaining an accelerated metabolism.


What are the benefits for your business?
  • Free shipping for orders over 200 €
  • Possibility of organizing informative and training events at your premises
  • Annual congress on functional nutrition
  • Support of the nutritionist and scientific divulger Derry Procaccini – Studio Equilibrium Via Gemmo 3, Lugano
  • Provision of marketing material for sales support (online and offline)
  • Marketing and Co-Marketing Actions
  • Reserved area on our shop for those who want to buy directly online
  • Presence on the website www. equilibriumfood. com
  • Wooden display in loan for use with the purchase of the Starter Kit or for orders over 350 €
What does the supply of Starter Kits include?

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